Ogg playback issue

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Ogg playback issue

Postby davedx » Fri Dec 24, 2010 6:23 pm

I'm having an issue with playback of .ogg files. I have some music that I downloaded from opengameart.org, some was in .wav and some in .mp3. I encoded everything to .ogg using ffmpeg. The issue I'm having is playback stops prematurely - it plays the first say, 7 seconds or so of the music, then seems to fail doing the next buffer read and stops (or loops if it's looping).

I tried encoding with -aq 30 and -aq 60 in case it was the quality level and the issue seems to be the same.

The files play fine in VLC.

Can't seem to upload the .ogg file to the forum.

Any ideas? :)

Edit: It does seem to be related to the quality used to encode it. Without -aq at all, the file size is very small and playback aborts the soonest.

Edit2: MP3s work fine. Leaving it at that for now. Time for another christmas beer I think. Have a good one all! :D
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Re: Ogg playback issue

Postby mzechner » Fri Dec 24, 2010 7:05 pm

desktop or android? we use soundpool and mediaplayer on android and they seem to be rather buggy at times. i o noy had issues with mp3 though, not ogg. nothing we can do about that at the moment.

if it's on the desktop send me the ogg via email.

happy christmas beer to you dear sir :)
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