Discussion: Future of libgdx (backend, functionality)

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Re: Discussion: Future of libgdx (backend, functionality)

Postby captainflyaway » Sun Aug 11, 2019 1:34 pm

@yobowargames it is cool to hear that there are developer teams/indies actively using libgdx.

This does not invalidate my statements tho. I think it even validates them actually. You are using this framework and there are other game studios for sure. But how many new users/indies/studios are using libgdx?
You may continue to use libgdx, I will, others will.

The fact still is that without many new and also a few new successful users libgdx will not grow.
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Re: Discussion: Future of libgdx (backend, functionality)

Postby tomski » Mon Aug 12, 2019 7:56 am

Im mainly addressing the points you made:
here a not a lot of libgdx games for iOS....

it is a struggle to get a game running on iOS
Only some people do publish on iOS anyways

Which are not based.

As for new users, if you base the numbers of new users based on people that frequent the forum, sure you could say there are few. (Note other avenues, discord, reddit, youtube as places where lots of people go instead). As to your solutions, I refer back to my previous points, everything is open source. If people want to revamp design of the site, they can put in the effort to do so, and contributions are welcome.
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Re: Discussion: Future of libgdx (backend, functionality)

Postby ChrisCoder » Tue Aug 13, 2019 1:10 am

captainflyaway wrote:The fact still is that without many new and also a few new successful users libgdx will not grow.

Maybe that's not the goal. Understand that platforms like Unity and Unreal have a financial incentive to do what they do. Libgdx (as tomski has pointed out) is open source. Nobody is making money off of this.

And what is growth, how do you measure it, and who is tracking it? Since I discovered Libgdx just over 2 years ago, I've personally introduced a dozen people to the framework who have used it for hobby game development. So it's usage in my group has grown. For what we need, I haven't found much to complain about. Any concerns about code re-usability has been solved by creating our own libraries to import into whatever game project we're starting next. Controllers, AI Pathing, Storage, Menu.

We get what you're saying and trying to do. You look at libgdx, think it should be used by more people so that the community appears more active. But why do you think that? Maybe it's quiet around here because people can make things work without much help. Maybe it fits a niche.

Ever see this guy on YouTube doing the game jams for libgdx? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhRUAmYTiHE)

If you think libgdx needs more features... pick up a shovel and help tomski.
If you think libgdx needs a more active community... be the leader like the guy I linked above. Start something big.

(I created an account on the forum just to throw in my 2 cents. I used to lurk on the IRC but Tomski helped me out a few times and haven't had a reason to jump back on because the information I need it out there. )

I appreciate the post though. Glad to see people who care.
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Re: Discussion: Future of libgdx (backend, functionality)

Postby captainflyaway » Tue Aug 13, 2019 10:45 am

@ChrisCoder you cannot measure grwoth thats true

And yes libgdx will live without many users as it is free and open source.

I see the main advantage of more users that there will be more new features and more people contributing to the framework.

Of course I could (everybody could) contribute but as you said many people use libgdx as a hobby. So do I, as I said I am at university. Next to that and a small job there is no time.
- again more peopl will increase the propability of peopl willing to spend more time and effort into libgdx.

And yes I also think its positive that not many people are asking beginner stuff on the forum. I personally alsp think libgdx is straight forward with only a few exceptions and thats good.
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Re: Discussion: Future of libgdx (backend, functionality)

Postby shatterblast » Tue Aug 13, 2019 2:30 pm


Technically, I know there already exists ways for artists and coders to meet together, like Discord and the LibGDX JAM, but if you push more for artists, not just their artistry and talents, then that would really help the community. Some of us do well enough alone in both areas, but regardless, a person who specializes in one specific area for a project team of two or more tends to multiply efforts, not just add.

Many beginner game developers start with something easy like Tetris, PacMan, or interactive fiction. Those who involve themselves with interactive fiction usually find the easiest path to success, because artists naturally flock towards that sort of thing and you bring in the basic elements of gaming, such as random numbers, choices that have some depth of meaning, and re-playability. Even artists who take up scripting to do the anime style of "visual novel" through Ren'Py commercially sell their products. Basically, decent artistry in gaming proves that you do not need advanced coding skills to make money, but good design and code almost always multiplies it.

And do you know how many artists wish they could work in game stuff, even for free as a hobby?

If you focus on attracting artists, you may find success at what you want. Questions to ask would include what social media do they typically draw towards? What gaming styles? Advertising would not suffice, and "word of mouth" travels more effectively anyhow. If I built on an effort, I would try to expand a lot more on rewarding artistic endeavors mixed with LibGDX and putting more focus on the LibGDX JAM events. While Spine is nice and super efficient for what it does, you can still pull off some amazing art without it through Krita, and not many artists know about it. I'm not sure if "Live Wallpapers" on Android are much of a thing, though I know a few people absolutely love to buy them. They slow down my phone, so I don't use them. Still, a single Stage with the right work can produce an amazing addition to a game later. We might even set up a market for it and themes made through Skin Composer. After an artist or coder makes their share of the profit, the remaining amount could directly go to funding only LibGDX. In doing so, I think it would help other contributors as well. The Blender community has something similar with BlenderMarket.com from CGCookie. I believe a large amount of funding goes to the Blender Foundation, which pays Blenders' developers.

TLDR: Anyhow, if you start with drawing in artists and giving them a financial reason to stay, I think LibGDX could prosper a lot, especially given its open source nature. As a side benefit, the rest of us who help support this community, whether for free or not, would see good in it. (Yeah, I know. No doom, though I think someone made a LibGDX clone of the game with the same name.)
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