Problem with DirectionalShadowLight!!

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Problem with DirectionalShadowLight!!

Postby jakesons » Mon Sep 09, 2019 5:43 pm

To demonstrate my problem I use ShadowMappingTest.

This test has model with box and sphere:
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  ModelBuilder modelBuilder = new ModelBuilder();
      MeshPartBuilder mpb = modelBuilder.part("parts", GL20.GL_TRIANGLES, Usage.Position | Usage.Normal | Usage.ColorUnpacked,
         new Material(ColorAttribute.createDiffuse(Color.WHITE)));
      mpb.setColor(1f, 1f, 1f, 1f);, -1.5f, 0, 10, 1, 10);
      mpb.setColor(1f, 0f, 1f, 1f);
      mpb.sphere(2f, 2f, 2f, 10, 10);
      model = modelBuilder.end();
      instance = new ModelInstance(model);
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