Looking for Tutor / Consultant [Paid]

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Looking for Tutor / Consultant [Paid]

Postby Castle » Sun Feb 18, 2018 4:43 pm

Hello, I'm Castle.

Background : I've been working on my own project for a little over a year and a half. I started with very little experience and am still amatuer in some areas. The game has grown, and work continues. I also do some of the art for the game while commissioning additional art assets. It's a NSFW game with 35,000 lifetime downloads. It's been free to play but we'll be moving soon to a patreons first model within a couple of months.

In Search Of : An experienced Java-Libgdx programmer, with some prior completed projects. Looking for tutor/consultant to work one on one with myself through discord to repair current problems, improve beginner code, and eventually help create new systems. Hourly pay rate to be agreed upon. Expected pay 40 - 60$ per session. A long term goal is to find someone who would be a good fit to become a permanent programmer to join the team. Rev share may be possible in the future.

The Ideal Work Process: Be online at a scheduled time for a predetermined amount of hours. I.E. 2pm-4pm EST, February 10th. I'll present the problem or goal or something to be reviewed. We'll work together on it for the time allotted. Feel free to ask additional questions here, but if interested send me a message on discord

Edit: Added expected pay amount and reference links:
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