scaling TWL UI in libgdx

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scaling TWL UI in libgdx

Postby manifold » Tue Sep 20, 2011 9:17 pm

If you want to scale and transform entire TWL GUI using SpriteBatch's transformation matrix, you may notice that GdxRenderer doesn't take into account its scaling and translation, so:
Change method setClipRect in, compile and put it back in gdx-twl.jar.
Code: Select all
public void setClipRect (Rect rect) {
      if (rendering) batch.flush();
      if (rect == null) {;
         hasScissor = false;
      } else {
         Matrix4 transform = batch.getTransformMatrix();

         Vector3 tl = new Vector3(rect.getX(), rect.getY(), 0).mul(transform);
         Vector3 br = new Vector3(rect.getRight(), rect.getBottom(), 0).mul(transform);
         //, - rect.getBottom(), rect.getWidth(), rect.getHeight());, (int)br.y, (int)(br.x-tl.x), (int)(tl.y-br.y));
         if (!hasScissor) {
            hasScissor = true;

Now your TWL TextArea and ScrolPane should be ok. No more incorrect clipping!
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