My library of GDX extras

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My library of GDX extras

Postby henu » Sat Jan 07, 2012 11:44 am


I have been using LibGDX for few months now. During this time I have programmed my own library that contains algorithms and classes that I could not find from LibGDX. Some of this library is just wrapping of LibGDX stuff to way I like it, so I think most of this library is just crap for other people. However, if you find anything useful, feel free to use it.

You can find the sources here:
EDIT: HTTPS certificates are not configured correctly, sorry about that :(

Also, programming to Android is practically my first touch to Java, so please don't be too judgemental when you find all kind of stupid things from there :)

There is not much yet and most of stuff is not fully ready, but because my Android project uses LibGDX, I will regularly code more, and commit all changes to the subversion repository. Here is a small overview of what I have done so far:
  • Shadermanager can handle one shader that has flags. Flags are basically just #ifdefs and #ifndefs in your shader code. When you retrieve a shader with specific flags, Shadermanager will enable appropriate flags as #defines, and then compile that shader for you.
  • Genericmaterial is for rendering simple graphics quickly with OpenGL ES 2. It supports solid color, one texture, one light, ambient light, normals, shadeless rendering, etc. Also, it can be loaded from JSON file.
  • Meshcombiner can combine multiple meshes (with different transforms) into one.
  • Transformhandle is an abstract way to represent transformations with BoundingBoxes, and flags. This is supposed to be used as a base class for octrees, scenenodes, etc.
  • OctreeHandle extends Transformhandle, making it possible to use octree via Transformhandles.
  • Renderable is my wrapper for multiple LibGDX Mesh and (my) Genericmaterial pairs.
  • Statistical contains iterative PCA algorithm.
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