libgdx Problem Wizzard: higher quality forum posts

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libgdx Problem Wizzard: higher quality forum posts

Postby NateS » Thu Feb 20, 2014 3:54 am

Some time ago, as part of my push to be more productive helping people on the libgdx forums, I made this wiki page:
Naturally, no one has ever read it, much less applied it to their forum posts. Maybe there is a better way to get people to make better posts? I had an idea after seeing this phpbb page:
It walks people through collecting information to make phpbb forum posts more useful. I made something similar for libgdx:
It's similar to the wiki page, but a step by step process. What do you guys think? I like that posts made with this thing can be differentiated from the rest (via a [WIZ] tag in the title), to better reward both the people who take the time to make a nice post and those who help them. Maybe it could use better or more (or less) descriptive text? Maybe we could provide a number of examples below the Next button? Maybe the whole thing is kind of useless?

If I jam this thing (it's a single PHP file) here: ... ain/webapp
Would it show up on
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