Mac OS X and iOS Build System changes (extensions)

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Mac OS X and iOS Build System changes (extensions)

Postby mzechner » Mon Feb 04, 2013 12:20 am

I spent the entire day working on the build system. All Mac OS X and iOS/IKVM stuff is now build via the build-mac-ios.xml file. For each project, the Ant file will build the Mac OS X natives by invoking a project's build-macosx32.xml file. That will put the .dylib file in $project/libs/macosx32. For the core, the ios backend and the freetype extension i also convert the respective jar files to .Net assemblies via IKVM and also build the native code via a project's build-ios32.xml file. That Ant script invokes the iOS toolchain to compile the native static libraries to be linked to a MonoTouch project. See on how to do this.

In terms of build server it works like this: my Mac Mini is a slave node of the master build server. Before libgdx is build, the Mac Mini is asked to build the Mac OS X and iOS things via the build-mac-ios.xml file. Once it is done, it copies over all .dll, .dll.mdb and .dylib files to the master build server, which then continues to build the rest of libgdx. The .dylib files get merged into the gdx-xxx-natives.jars of the various backends and extensions. It's nasty, but as long as there's no cross-compiler toolchain for Mac OS X and iOS that works on Linux, we'll have to do it like that. We've been doing that for quite a while now, i just didn't tell anyone. You can see all the build server jazz here: http://libgdx.badlogicgames:8080. If you want an account to mess with things, let me know.

When we add a new extension, we need to add an entry in the build-mac-ios.xml file, analogous to the other entries, and also make sure there's a section in the build.xml copy-iosfiles target that copies the .dll, .dll.mdb and .a files to the correct location in the distribution directory.

Had to take out bullet from the iOS build, chokes my Mac Mini. Need more RAM before that works...

Super tired. This build system stuff sucks...
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Re: Mac OS X and iOS Build System changes (extensions)

Postby bach » Mon Feb 04, 2013 2:09 am

Sounds good. Don't fully understand all the details yet :/
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