Idea - WebGL Desktop Shell

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Idea - WebGL Desktop Shell

Postby davedes » Wed Jun 26, 2013 3:48 am

Has anyone thought of using a shell like Brackets or Node-WebKit to run a WebGL game?

Some potential benefits off the top of my head:
- HTML5/CSS3 effects, such as a complex GUI on top of your game
- Video streaming
- Fast application startup; no need for JVM boot times. In fact, no reliance on JVM at all; no need to ship your game with it like PuppyGames
- A good candidate for software-type applications like Spine

Or even if there was a way to ship your app with a slimmed version of WebKit/Chromium as a shell? I suppose that's what Chromium Embedded Frameworks tries to accomplish? ... ets-shell/

I feel like we are a long way off from doing anything like this with LibGDX (iOS is obviously priority), but it might be interesting to talk about. :)
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Re: Idea - WebGL Desktop Shell

Postby mzechner » Wed Jun 26, 2013 12:02 pm

Should in principle work already. Not really a big priority for desktop deployment, but interesting for platforms for which Java doesn't exist.
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