How to use circle Select button on Alexa remote?

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How to use circle Select button on Alexa remote?

Postby AngelusWeb » Sun Aug 12, 2018 11:12 pm

I successfully installed my app (which is very controller-centric) on my Fire TV.
I have an "Alexa remote", rather than one of their wireless controllers (I have various gamepads, but that's another story...)

Right out of the box, my game's main menu works with the up/down keys on the remote. However, I don't know what the "action" button is mapping to by default.
I'd like to be able to detect presses of the so-called Select key, which is the circle in the middle of the remote.

Right now, I'd like to add support for that particular key to my game.

Anyone do this yet with the LibGDX-Controller library?

My game already has a "configure game controller" function (which maps the various actions to whatever button you want), but to activate it, you at least need up/down and "action button" functionality.
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