Porting libGDX game to iOS via Multi-OS engine or RoboVM

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Porting libGDX game to iOS via Multi-OS engine or RoboVM

Postby Jasonpaul » Thu Mar 14, 2019 7:21 am

Hello to all of you , recently i was following a tutorial to develop a game using the latest libGDX version , a simple game like flappy bird . I was also using Android studio as the IDE . Recently I heard that you can simply write java code ( like i already did ) and port the application over to iOS using MOE or RoboVM.

So my question is.... is there any tutorial that i can follow in order to port the game using either of these ? I checked both of them , but RoboVM didnt quite work for me because i didnt really understood what i have to do in order to create the game for iOS and about MOE ... i tried creating a simple app with some labels over to iOS and adding text to these labels via Android Studio using MOE , But when it comes to porting the game... it simply doesnt work , i get a white screen when i try to upload the app.
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