GDX Texture Packer GUI updated for LibGDX 1.9.10

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GDX Texture Packer GUI updated for LibGDX 1.9.10

Postby shatterblast » Thu Jan 23, 2020 12:56 am

In case my Pull Request isn't accepted, here is my updated version of the GDX Texture Packer GUI for LibGDX 1.9.10. I doesn't add any functionality. I just upgraded the dependencies to the latest and Gradle to 5.4.1, so that it works with Java 11 and 12. For Linux, I can not build a JAR file and run it, but it works fine when compiled within IntelliJ itself.

The software seems to work fine for me. I used RGBA4444 with no compression and default settings successfully.

Make sure to back-up your original files before trying to create animation files with this. It has the potential to erase things if you use "Pack ALL" incorrectly.

Edit: I recommend the following for best output results: choose RGBA4444, enable Grid Layout, and leave Compression at None.
A) RGBA4444 for best cross-platform compatibility with the Alpha channel.
B) Grid Layout, so that your pictures come out in proper order.
C) No to Compression, so your images will load quickly for optimal performance in your app.

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